Gender Name District (Part Of Gravity Falls)
Male Dipper West
Female Mable West
Male Grunkle West
Female Wendy West
Male Manly Dan South
Male Toby Determined North
Female Candy Chu East
Female Grenda East
--- Waddles West
Male Old Man Mc Gucket North
Male Robbie South
Male Sheriff Blubs South
Male Deputy Durland North
Male Lil Giden South
Female Lazy Susan North
Female Pacifica Northwest South
Male Bud Gleeful South
Male, Female, Male Sandy, Donald and Mr.catface East
Male Lee East
Male Nate East
Male Random Dude 1# West
Female Random Female 1# East
Male Random Dude 2# North

Instead Of Districts Im doing which side they live on, I dont really know which side of Gravity falls they all live on but I just guessed.

Write in comments which side your cheering for and Ill begin games soon!

Who do you want to die In bloodbath!

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(Day 1)



About 15 of all of them run into cornucpia and begin picking supplies, some tributes like..

Toby, Candy, and Wendy run into the forest.

Robbie throws a spear hitting Waddles  In the back. Waddles Squeals and runs into cornucpia knocking Pacifica over she falls down up but a spear goes though her head in the process. 


24 left

Mable finds out that Waddles was hit and thinks the Sheriff did it she runs at the sherifd with  battle axe and yells..

"Waddles forever!" 

Sheriffs head falls to the gound


23 Left

Wendy sees Robbie up a tree!

"Robbie!" She screams! 

She runs though the bushes towards him.

"Robbie!" She hugs him when a sharp pain goes into her chest.

She backs away and looks down seeing a knife in her chest, meaning Robbie had stabbed her..

Robbie moved a step back.

"Wendy!" She turned to see Dipper, Mable, Waddles and Grunkle Stan.

"Oh my gosh!" Yells Mable

Dipper screams in anger and throws 3 throwing knives at Robbie the first one makes him fall over the second turns his scream into moans, and the third makes his cannon go off.


22 Left 

Wendy lad down as they all ran over to her.

"D-dipper.." Dipper leaned down..

"Thank you...Goodbye.....I always l-" 

Her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

"Wendy!" he shook her!


21 left.

- - - 

Meanwhile about 9 where still in bloodbath.

Lil gidon threw at spear at Sandy then one at Donald hitting both of them in the eye. 


20 left


19 left

Mr.catface spazzed and threw a knife at him; Hitting Gidon in the face. and He fell to the ground but was just able to throw a spear 

One hit the random female in the face

The other at face's eye. 


18 left


17 left.

Random dude threw a sickle at Donald hitting his forehead. Donald walked for about 10 secs then fell down on the ground.


16 left. 

Lee, Random dude 2#, Deputy Durland, and Grenda. Where the last at Bloodbath.

Grenda grabbed a trident. and a sleepingbag. Candy was hiding in the bushes for her. 

Deputy Durland grabbed a machete but Random dude 2# grabbed Deputy by the neck and threw them on the ground and started stabbing. 

Deptuy grabbed the knife and was able to turn it around. 

And stabbed Random Dude 2# in the face! 

He fell to the ground.


16 Left 

Lee and Deputy choose to team up.

Day 1 over


2 will die but only 6 will be chosen to be voted on,

Deaths of day 2 shall be....?

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Day 2


"What is happening to me!?!" I scream 

I look at my skin it's wrinkles where going away...

"I'm getting...younger!" 

By the middle of day 2 I must have been in my 30's.

"I wonder if this is happening to everyone!" 

Grunkle Stan

"Is it just me?" "Or am I getting older?" 

Mable laughed Grunkle Stan, I don't think you're thinking probably. 

Dipper sat in the corner on a log looking down and sad. 

Mable walked over..

"Dipper, what's wrong" she said

"I miss Soos and Wendy" he said sadly 

"Well its okay w-" 

"Blah Blah Blah!" I yelled "get over it Grandma" 

Mable hissed back "Well I'm pretty sure in 30 min you're going to look like my grandma!" 

Suddenly a arrow shot beside the tree Dipper was on he jumped back wards!

Out came old man mcgucket.

He turned towads us was about to say something...

And Fell dead. 


15 Left

Waddles walked over to his body..and looked and lifted up his pants and saw a little hole that read a message.

Mable walked over and it said..


Mable screamed in delight! 

" Waddles you smarty Pants!" 

Dipper lifted up his pant leg.

" Aw, man I'm getting younger" Said Dipper

"Lol" Yelled Mable well I'm getting...OLDER!

I yelled over to them " Hey kids I started a fire" 

They ran over.


I shot my fork into some guys back

" Yay!"  clapped Grenda We walked over to him, Lee was his name .

I pulled the fork out of his head


14 left

two of them will die

Day 3


"Hi!" I yelled

"Hi" The man said, "I'm random dude 1#!"

"Do you have a name...?" asked Dipper who was about 10 years old.

"No!" he said "That's my name" 

I felt myself grow somemore, I must be about 14 leaning on 15! meanwhile Waddles was getting smaller and Grunkle stand was turning into hid mid 60's...

Suddenly a noise came out of nowhere and we saw Grenda and Candy.

Grenda threw and axe at random dude 1# killing him!


13 left

"Run!" Yelled Dipper and I grabbed Waddles and ran though the forest.

We ran though the forest at top speed we past Lazy Susan who was sleeping and heard a boom..


12 Left

I turned aroudn and Punched Grenda in the face, then grabbed Candies forck and pushed it up her eye, then pulled it out!.

"Ahhhhh...." Grenda's scream died


11 left

Candy cried...

I walked over to her...

I'm so sorry she mumbled. 

I smiled..

"C'mon" I smiled "Let's be allies"

Candy smiled and nodded..

Now I had 4 allies..Dipper, Waddles, Grunkle stan and Candy. 

Man, us 5 are going to pwn


  • 5/11 left are in one alliance nearly 50%
  • Nate and Deputy Allied
  • 7/11 have some type of alliance 
  • Toby is 19 years old and lookin' good. :3 

Day 4


"Oink, oink oink!" 

"Oinky, Oinky Oinky Oinky!" 


I look around...

"Seems super calm" 

I could hear a noise far off..

"What is that?!?" I ask!

Dan looks up..

"I dunno" 

Suddenly a wave appeared

Durland! I tried to scream but water went in my mouth I saw his body right before I went under...


Everyone ran all 5 of us.

Grunkle stan tripped! 

I turned around and was hit with water my skull bashed into a tree I closed my eyes knowing this is the end..

Suddenly two hands grabbed me me and I looked up to see Candy and Dipper! 

I look to find waddles somewhere...

I hear a squeal and turn around

Bud Gleeful had kidnapped Waddle.

I bet hes going to make Canadian bacon!  I think 

I see Nate going under...there must only be 8 of us left.. 

I try to go back into the water but Dipper holds me.. 

He is not letting go.

Top 12.
Name Type of death Side and Place 

12th, Grenda

Fork up eye 4th, East
11th, Deupty Dan Drowned 2nd, North

10th, Grunkle Stan

Drowned  5th, West 
9th, Nate Drowned 2nd, East 
8th, Bud Beheaded 2nd, South
7th, Waddles Fork In head 4th, West
Are you sad Grunkle Stan is dead..

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Day 5


We had tracked down Bud 

"Ready?" Whispered Dipper.

"Ready" I replied



Candy shot her fork and Bud Gleeful turned around and ducked! 

The fork went though Waddles head! 

"Waddles!" She screamed and threw her axe at Bud gleeful chopping his head clean off. 


6 Left

"Oink..oink" said Waddles



5 left

"Waddles!" cried Mable and buried her face in waddles face. 

Mable turned around to face Candy! and grabbed her axe hitting Candies shoulder! 

Candy screamed and ran into the forest. 

"Nature will get her" Spat Mable 

Her ran into Dipper's arms.

"It's just us" she cried


My shoulder..

I cant make it..

I dig the shoulder out and press it on my neck crying.

I push more and it begins cutting my neck.

Day 5 is coming to an end..

But I knew I never made it

To day 6.


4 left


  • Only 4 peolpe are left! 
  • Waddles is in Bacon heaven 
  • Soos is sort of coming...
  • Day 6 is last day! 
2 people are going to win; who do you think they are?

The poll was created at 04:53 on December 7, 2012, and so far 18 people voted.

Day 6 Pt.1


I move though the bushes with my arrow, I'm 15 years old, aww the days.  

I see Mabel.

I take oput my arrow preparing to shoot when some one jumps on me!

I fall back words.

A look up to see Dipper holding a knife!

he's about to stab me!

"No..please!" I pleade

He's about to bring the knife down when we here a rumble.

About 4 km away we see a huge valcano eurpt.

I hear a scream and turn around to see Manly Dan grabbing her.

All 4 of us run! up a tree! 

He rest there

Mabel looks up

"Hey!" she says "Look!"

I look towards the bush shes pointing there a way to escape!

Dipper talkes next "Maybe there's a way out!"

I smile.

"Well, we should better find out" 

Mabel looks at me..

"Who are you again?" 

I grin "I'm Toby" 

Mabel seems shocked "Toby?" "Wow, what happened to you" 

I'm about to respond when Manly Dan grunts and jumps down.

Then Mabel jumps down.

Then I jump down.

We run to the box and go inside

Its an air vent! 

I run in to quickly when I suddelny relize it's a slide!

I begin sliding down it screaming! 

And land in a ball pit, right behind me is Mabel then Dan then Dipper. 

"Ooo!" says Mabel "This is fun" 

I look at the other side there's another air vent! 

I hear Lava behind us! 

"We gotta go now!" I scream

Dan runs for the air vent when suddenly he startes being dragged down the ball pit

Dan screams and goes under.

Suddenly theres a loud crunching noise and he stops screaming.


3 left!

The rest of his body goes flying up and suddenly  something moves in the ball pit. 

Mabel and I back up 

I take out my bow. 

A spider! 

A huge 6 foot spider leaps out screaming! 

I grab onto my arrow and shoot it in the back 

It runs up to us and grabs me abotu to stuff me in its mouth when it suddenly drops dead. 

I realize theres lava in the ball pit, I grab Mabel and dipper and pull them up and we run in the other air vent and await our next problem.

It was then I realized this was nearly Impossible. 

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