Gravity Falls Letter Writing Campaign for DVD Box Set

Gravity Falls DVD Camapign

The facts are these: Disney has no intention of releasing a complete series set of Gravity Falls. Alex Hirsch has  expressed on  several occasions how he wishes it wasn’t so . Alex, like many of us, is a consumer— Would LOVE to have a series DVD/Blu-Ray box set. A set with every episode, every short, the mini-sodes (like “Old Man McGucket’s Conspiracy Corner”, “Shop at Home With Mr. Mystery”, etc.), commentary, extras, the whole works!

But Disney doesn’t think there will be a market for physical copies in the future, so they just don’t bother with their television properties.

Here’s what we can do to let them know otherwise: There's a letter writing campaign to Gary Marsh, President and Chief Creative Officer for Disney Channels Worldwide.

The fans have to let Disney know that we want this product. That if they make it available we’d be willing to pay for what Alex would honestly love to give us!

Write to:

Gary Marsh
3800 W. Alameda ave.
Burbank, CA 91505

There is also this petition you can sign. (Nearly 10,000 signatures so far! Add your name to this growing list of fans, if only to show Disney we’re out there!)

However, it should be reiterated: Don't just sign the petition, but really participate in the letter writing aspect! The petition is a good way to gauge interest, a hand made letter shows that fans are genuinely vested in seeing Gravity Falls fully released. That you are personally willing to give your time to convince Disney that YOU want this. Let’s do this!

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